Sprays, Fuel Additives & Water Treatment

LuxGuard, a division of LuxOr Marine & RV Products, utilizes a non-VOC aerosol can technology that provides 25% more product than other aerosol dispensers containing VOC. Our product line is eco friendly, water-based and contains no VOC’s or alcohols. Therefore they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with no mess, dripping or waste.

By stabilizing the fuel, you eliminate the risk of sediment formation. Corrosion inhibitors protect engine parts and increase engine life by reducing corrosive wear. Fuel leaks from corrosion pitting in fuel tanks/lines and injector fouling from rust flakes are also eliminated.

Protect your investment by using soft water in your holding tank. No more hard water stains. No scale build up in water lines or on appliances. You have all the benefits of a home water softener at a fraction of the cost!

Pricing in Canadian dollars