Five Things to Know About LEDs

Five Things to Know About LEDs

1. Lumen Output?

A Lumen is the unit of measure used to calculate how much any light bulb puts out. The higher the Lumens, the brighter the light. This information is important when judging he quality of an LED. LuxOr provides a premium LED package for maximum light output.

2. Colour and Quality of the Light?

The colour of light is measured in “Degrees Kelvin”. “White” light ranges from 3,000K (warm or towards the red end of the colour spectrum) to 5,000K (cold – towards the blue end of the colour spectrum). LuxOr provides a premium LED package designed to replace your existing halogen, xenon or incandescent bulbs with colour temperatures in the warm white end of the colour spectrum. While it varies slightly from bulb to bulb, it is in 3,000K range. This warm white light brings out the richness of colour and enhances skin tone. It is important to know exactly what you are buying and to purchase something you are comfortable with. While a 5,000K lamp looks brighter, it will change the colour and appearance of your décor, which may defeat the effect you are trying to achieve.

3. How many LEDs are on the Circuit Board?

This varies from bulb to bulb. On the bulb illustrated here there are 6 LEDs (each yellow square is a LED). The number of LEDs on a circuit board varies widely. The more LEDs per board generally means more light. LuxOr designs LEDs to provide a similar amount of light as the existing bulb you are replacing but that means they may have a slightly higher initial cost. Reducing the number of LEDs generally means lower lumen output, which means less light from the bulb.

4. How do You Calculate Life and Reliability?

Life and reliability of a LED is dependant on the quality of materials used and the operating temperature of the system. Premium quality LEDS such as the ones sold by LuxOr, are designed to be cool operating, thus extending the lamp life. LuxOr LED’s are rated for up to 40,000 hours of life.

5. Converting to LEDs is as easy as changing bulbs!

LuxOr LED bulbs will fit your existing fixtures and includes a 2-year warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

LuxOr LED lighting battery power required compared to conventional lighting for the same lighting load.

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