LED Tips

LED Tips

  • All Luxor G4 SMD bulbs are 10-30 volt DC, are NON-polarity sensitive and All Luxor G4 COB bulbs are 10-20 volt DC, are NON-polarity sensitive and:
    – have a true Constant Current driver
    – feature 2-layer aluminum PCB for superior heat dissipation
    – use SI-EN33501C which meets CE EMI standard (prevents interference with radio, GPS, etc.)
    To maximize life and brightness, we want to drive the LED at its design forward-current, regardless of input voltage and we do not want to over-drive the LED. We utilize an integrated circuit in our Constant Current products, which provides constant current to the bulb from 10-30 volts DC. This ultimately means that the bulb is the same brightness at 10 volts as it is at 30 volts and the LEDs are being protected regardless of the voltage.
  • The colour of light is measured in “Degrees Kelvin”. 
    “White” light ranges from 3,000K (warm or towards the red end of the colour spectrum) to 5,000K (cold – towards the blue end of the colour spectrum). LuxOr provides a premium LED package designed to replace your existing halogen, xenon or incandescent bulbs with colour temperatures in the 3,000K range, the warm white end of the colour spectrum. This warm white light brings out the richness of colour and enhances skin tone. While a 5,000K lamp looks brighter (pure white), it will change the colour and appearance of your décor, which may defeat the effect you are trying to achieve.

LuxOr LED lighting battery power required compared to conventional lighting for the same lighting load.

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