Why Choose LuxOr LEDs?

Why Choose LuxOr LEDs?

  • LuxOr LED solid state light bulbs use as little as one fifth (1/5th) the battery power of conventional halogen or zenon light bulbs.
  • Ultra low power consumption extends your battery life allowing you to enjoy your crusing/anchoring time between recharging cycles.
  • LuxOr LEDs generate very little heat compared to existing lighting.
  • Do-it-yourself replacement. LuxOr LED solid state light bulbs install like ordinary light bulbs. Simply remove your existing light bulb and replace it with a new LuxOr LED solid state light bulb.
  • Never change a light bulb again. LuxOr LEDs last longer than conventional bulbs up to 40,000 hours.
  • LuxOr LED solid state design and heat sink offer reliable and maintenance free installation.
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
  • LED lamps generate very little heat. This reduction of heat will prolong the life of your fixtures and reduce Air Conditioning draw.
  • No filament to burn out or break.
  • Lighting quality is excellent, warm white light. LuxOr LEDs operate in the same warm white spectrum as incandescent lighting (2,800K to 3,500K).
  • Many LuxOr LEDs also available in Pure White or Blue.
  • LuxOr LEDs are consistent through a range of voltages and are not susceptible to blinking and flickering like fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.
  • Environmentally friendly – LuxOr LEDs contain NO mercury.
  • All lamps are stocked and shipped from Canada.

LuxOr LED lighting battery power required compared to conventional lighting for the same lighting load.

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We provide factory-direct pricing and do-it-yourself simplicity. Installation is easy – just the same as replacing your existing xenon or halogen lamp with the correct LuxOr LED bulb. Easy to change, less expensive to maintain, far greater energy efficiency – switch to LuxOr LED Light Bulbs and Fixtures today!

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