G4 Base

All LuxOr G4 SMD bulbs are 10-30 volt DC and NON-polarity Sensitive
All LuxOr G4 COB bulbs are 10-20 volt DC and NON-polarity Sensitive

G4 Features

– Products are CE and Rohs certified
– Lamps are lead and mercury free
– No UV output
– Zero RF emission with surface mount device design
-LuxOr lamps are designed to minimize EMI by utilizing a specially designed PCB layouts which avoid tracks acting as antenna’s that radiate EMI (Electromagnetic interference)
– LuxOr G4 design incorporates Transient suppressor and fuse (self re-setting electronic fuse) which provides extra protection against current overload and voltage spikes. This ensures maximum amp life.

2-year Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Free Freight on orders over $100.
Cross reference guide offers parts numbers which could be used to replace existing lighting bulbs. The cross reference guide is not an exact equal but bulbs will perform a similar task. Luxor Marine & RV Products is not responsible for errors or omissions and only offers this guide as an aid to selecting the correct lamp. However, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If the bulb you order does not fit your fixture, we will replace it with one that does. If you are in doubt, to ensure proper selection is made consult

Refer to the LuxOr Complete Product Digest for more information.

Pricing in Canadian dollars